Dining Hall Buildings

Dining Hall Buildings

Asia D.O.O as Fermendi suggests prefab dining hall buldings using on worksites, social facility, manufacturing facility and food manifacturing facility. Also it provides hygienic place.

Prefab dining halls can be designed as different sizes which depends on employees number and can be montaged in short ime by our professional staff. These are the structures that are disassemble. So once you have it, you can use it any other places too. Our technology compunds high insulation internal and external elements with water and fire – resistant, earthquake proofing materials. So the classical, expensive and difficult structure trend is replaced by economic, energy saver, resistant against natural conditions and functional prefab structures as a modern structure trend in this new century. These products become an irreplaceable solution partner of public institutions and private sector.

Asia D.O.O as Fermendi is ready to be your solution partner to introduce you more economic and durable dining halls for your employees for having good time on a hygienic place.
You can choose a Project from our website or let us know your need clearly to supply your need with high efficieny. Call us for more informations.


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