Dormitory Buildings

Asia D.O.O as Fermendi; presents comfortable life spaces by building dormitory buildings, worksites, mines, student dormitories and military buildings. ( for construction employers, administrative employers and military employees )

We supply customer’s sheltering demands in short time by using nature condisitons resistant materials and also fire-resistant, water-resistant products. All materials are certificated on durability against fire and water. Besides these, high insulation qualifications make prefab dormitories more efficient and more preferred. Durability against eartquake, rain shower and fire plays big role on being preferable on decisions of customers and users in the sense of health by lack of heating differences between seasons and  day-night. Additional external insulation materials will provide a modern structure appearance on precast concrete panel walls which also has high insulation material inside.

The most effective fact of choosing modular structures on worksites is being demountable. The montage can be done by our professional staff.

Contact our sales department for more information and clarify your exact needs on dormitories.


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